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Pop Top Roof Installation

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Elevating Roofs | ATEK / Skyline Roofs

Here at Loadrated we specialise in pop-top roof installs for a variety of vans. We are certified and insured to install elevating roof systems as well as incorporating them into the vans aesthetic finish both internally and externally.

We offer pop-top roof fitting services to: VW Transporter (T4, T5, T6), Transit Customs, VW Crafter, MAN TGE, Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato, Peugot Boxer and more. Please see the below Roof options from Atek Roofs and Skyline Roofs.

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Skyline Roofs for VW Transporter & Transit Custom

The Skyline aerodynamic design, streamlines the vans the roof perfect for adding extra room to your SWB or LWB small van.

The Skyline rigid VW T4/5/6 & Transit Custom poptop roof has no external fittings, this coupled with our water resistant canvas gives us one of the best elevating roofs for Volkswagen T4/5/6’s & Transit Customs on the market today.

The Skyline Pop top is vacuum molded into a honeycomb structure which means it will never lose its shape. This process makes their roofs considerably stronger than traditional layered fibre glassing. There is no through bolting in the roof cap. This removes the possible problem of leaking bolt holes and looks much more asthetically pleasing from the outside.

The full internal strengthening frame puts back the structure into the body of the van. Volkswagen UK have reviewed this and approved this. Skyline use high lift rear hinges as standard which gives adults the room to sleep in the roof. The hinges are stainless steel and therefore never rust! The canvas is made up of a water resistant material which comes in an array of colours.

ATEK Roofs for MAN TGE, VW Crafter, Sprinter & Ducato

With an aerodynamic design which streamlines perfectly with the van the roof and the van become one.

The roof consists of three pieces of fibre-glass:

  • The bed area fits a mattress of 1.2 x 2 metres, with additional storage.
  • The main elevating roof piece incorporates two large flat areas ideal for  a skylight and for the placement of rigid solar panels.
  • Fully integrated to avoid wind noise.
  • Front spoiler which achieves the aerodynamic line

The canvas is made with high quality materials:

  • Designed to be completely disassembled in the shortest possible time.
  • Panoramic canvas to completely open up the roof to the outdoors
  • 3 windows with mosquito nets.
  • Supplied in factory white gel coat

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